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When it comes to the dazzling events this town has to offer, from concerts to sports matches, theatre performances to comedy gigs, it is critically important to have a decent ticket vendor that will ensure you stay in the loop of who plays where and when the tickets go on sale. Tickzoo.com has been trusted by many event-goers, yet among other competitors who have their respective characteristics and value, they also offer something new. In the following thorough primer, we’ll see the top 10 competitors of the Tickzoo. site to better find a forum perfect for your ticket standard.

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TicketMaster is widely known as one of the major ticketing corporations, supplying millions of individuals around the planet with a broad variety of events, including performances as well as theatre shows. The process of buying tickets online through TicketMaster can be done seamlessly because of the application’s simple user interface and powerful search options. Besides, TicketMaster owners offer interactive plans, such as having a seat if you wish.


  • Comprehensive Event Listings: Ticketmaster offers a wide-ranging catalog of events ranging from concerts to sports games, theatre performances to festivals, and as Racheal states, there are even comedy gigs, making it your one-stop shop in getting your tickets.
  • Interactive Seating Charts: They can employ an online booking tool that allows them to pick optimal seats for the events they would like to attend.


  • Verified Tickets: TicketMaster issues the tickets in the real environment, preventing the emergence of fraudulent tickets or counterfeit goods.
  • Ticket Insurance: Gives users insurance in case of emergency, providing a sense of relief for people who want to travel.


  • Service Fees: The service fees automatically charged by the TicketMaster sometimes exceed the amount of the fare, as a result, the cost of the ticket increases.


Considering itself the leading ticket resale marketplace, StubHub has enabled ticket users to acquire tickets for sold-out events, as well as allowing buyers and sellers to engage in transactions through the platform. Among the few qualities that make StubHub stand out is probably its price alert feature. It allows users to create notifications that pop up when the ticket prices become cheaper than what is in the expected range. This function plays a crucial role for the financially conscious event participants desiring to have access to the special offers.


  • Resale Marketplace: StubHub facilitates deals between users whereby tickets are bought and sold, which, in turn, helps to find tickets from canceled events.
  • Price Alerts: You have the option of setting a price alert in order not to miss tickets for specific events during which prices will meet your price expectations.


  • Wide Selection: With a global range of events to be selected, wherever your interests are, StubHub has you covered.
  • Mobile App: Mobile App is well designed for use on the go, and you can always get tickets and events quickly.


  • Fees for Sellers: While you will find StubHub no longer to deduct its service fees from your pay as you buy, the seller ends with various commissions.


SeatGeek does not only emulate a specific concept but distinguishes itself through a Deal Score feature that scores the tickets based on their value. This helps the users find the best deals in the market. Furthermore, SeatGeek offers 3D representations of optimally situated seats, letting the user look at the view from their seat before making a purchase decision. This is well evidenced by the fact that the site offers simple browsing and reasonable pricing, which gets many of the consumers attracted to it.


  • Deal Score: A feature called Deal Score from SeatGeek rates ticket listings depending on their valuation, and it helps users find the best bargaining deals.
  • Interactive Maps: The viewers will appreciate the videos of the view from different seats with their secured tickets in the venue.


  • All-Inclusive Pricing: On SeatGeek, you also get a very transparent view of ticket prices: the full cost with all fees will be available as well, so you won’t get a sudden shock at the checkout stage.
  • Easy Ticket Transfers: The transfer of tickets between the users and also from the users to friends or resale of tickets is a really easy process.


  • Limited International Events: So, SeatGeek is mainly concerned with events from the U.S., this presumes only the inhabitants of the U.S. can use the website.


Viagogo is a well-known ticketing site across the world that is particularly famous for its extended network and safe swapping of tickets. No matter if this is a show by local artists or a sports event that takes place far from home, Viagogo guarantees that you will be their client. Additionally, on the platform, a ticket guarantee is also provided; you, as a purchaser, will receive genuine tickets on or before your preferred event observation time.


  • Global Reach: Viagogo does not only bring tickets for events anywhere, thus making it a reliable source for those who travel internationally.
  • Secure Ticket Exchange: This portal is the platform where buyers, on the one hand, exchange tickets, and it also takes care of customer protection, on the other hand.


  • Last-Minute Availability: Viagogo, on the other hand, also helps customers find tickets for sold out events, unlike people who are willing to attend last minute gigs.
  • Ticket Guarantee: Besides guaranteeing the customer a genuine ticket, people can receive a refund for canceled or rescheduled concerts and events as well.


  • High Service Fees: It is a common belief that ticket prices increased by Viagogo can nearly double the service fees paid by consumers.


Vivid Seats shows a diverse range of live shows comprising sportings games, music gigs, stage exposures, and more. The loyalty program is one of the most important characteristics of Vivid Seats, which gives back users some credits for every transaction made, and afterwards can be used for future discounts. Besides, Vivid Seats provides interactive seating charts for clients, giving them the ability to check their seat line and main view from different locations in the venue.


  • Interactive Seating Charts: Vivid Seats brings you seating charts, where one could see a virtual image of how it would look from various positions in the photograph.
  • Loyalty Program: Vivid Seats has a loyalty program, whereby users receive credit for each purchase that can be directed towards future discounts.


  • Wide Range of Events: In the list of events, Vivid Seats is the “uberalles,” ranging from sports to concerts, theatre, and comedy shows.
  • 100% Buyer Guarantee: Via Vivid Seats, we know that the owners of buyer’s tickets are 100% confirmed in time for the event.


  • Limited International Presence: Vivid Seats concentrates the majority of its offerings on events that are held in the United States of America, and therefore, for international users, the choice is limited.


Ticketnetwork teams up with a wide variety of sellers, allowing a vast selection of event tickets worldwide. The service enables seats to be plotted out, therefore helping people get images of where they will be sitting before they book the ticket. Mobile-ready website, on-site assistance, and tech support – that makes TicketNerver’s customers’ ticket buying experience smooth and comfortable.

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  • Virtual Seating Views: The only unique aspect of the ticket network is that it comes with a virtual seating view, through which the user can determine the seat location prior to the purchase.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: Mobile-based application is the optimal choice for customers because it provides a user-friendly booking platform on their smartphones and tablets.


  • Extensive Network: Sell tickets easily. Together with an extensive number of sellers, supplying tickets for hot events becomes more likely.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Travelers are able to connect with the support team at any time convenient for them to get help about bookings or inquiries.


  • Service Fees: TicketNetwork allows for the addition of service fees to the borrower’s price, which, in turn, may lead to a raise in total cost.


Goldstar, which is a company with the aim of providing hugely discounted tickets for a wide range of decisions, can lead to a reduction in entertainment costs for its varying users. The platform narrows down a bunch of events to a set, a way of guaranteeing that users enjoy out-of-the-ordinary and unforgettable activities. Due to the platform’s mobile app or member reviews, an individual can find and buy tickets to wonderful events that they can get in their vicinity with no difficulties.


  • Discounted Tickets: In addition to the sector discount on the platform, Goldstar showcases tickets for different events at a lower price. Consequently, users are able to save on their entertainment expenditures.
  • Member Reviews: It is possible for the users to see which activities and venues got the best reviews posted by the members and so they can decide about their attendance to these.


  • Curated Selection: GoldStar prefers new event items and only provides items with their experience.
  • Mobile App: Using this app (Goldstar), it will be possible to purchase tickets at unbeatable prices directly on our smartphones, and you can also keep yourself updated on current event news.


  • Limited Availability: Goldstar’s ticket discounts are limited to availability so that may not always be the right dates and foot events.


TicketCity provides the user a personalized service when they book tickets for events and caters to group ticket outings as well as offers tailored event packages and more. TicketCity’s policy of refunds is somewhat restrictive, however its alerts’ functionality allows the users to not miss out on the possible opportunities related to the event. Whether you are preparing activities for the corporate team or family reunion, you will find events by TicketCity for this occasion.


  • Group Ticketing: Through the TicketCity group ticketing options, they not only give people the ease to enjoy events either for large organizations or corporate outings but they also give the pleasure to enjoy the moment together.
  • Event Packages: The audience may choose to purchase an event package, which may include, for example, tickets, lodging, and other privileges.


  • Personalized Service: With the hell of individual assistance it gives the person all-round help in complex bookings or special needs ensuring a smooth process.
  • Customizable Alerts: The users can establish alerts for individual events, prices of tickets or other indicators to keep them notified of available deals.


  • Limited Refund Policy: Unlike most ticket sellers, TicketCity refund policy is less liberal and refunds are granted only in very specific circ*mstances.


Gametime has a platform designed for tailored quick deals, so last-minute tickets for a variety of events are available for adventure-lovers. Messaging platforms give users the chance to buy and view tickets through the app version of Gametime, so there is no need for paper tickets. Gametime with its user-friendly interface and the most transparent pricing makes it extremely convenient for people to just visit websites, search for movies and make the reservations even when they are on the go.


  • Last-Minute Deals: Gametime’s mission is to provide just-in-time ticket deals to the opportunistic patrons that love to catch a show on a whim.
  • Mobile-Only Tickets: Customers are able to buy game tickets for their events and in the convenience of mobile apps that they download. Therefore, they don’t need to print anything.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The user-interface of Gametime app is simplified for better convenience that lets the users to easily decide buying tickets to the event with just a touch on the screen.
  • Transparent Pricing: The platform shows all the fees paid in advance for users enabling them to see price transparency.


  • Limited Ticket Selection: Gametime’s attention to last-minute specials makes it likely that choices for tickets may be pitted for events that are further away in time.


Eventbrite is a multi-purposing platform that serves the event needs of numerous categories of occasions ranging from music festivals and conferences through workshops and networking events. The event organizers are linked with the ability to craft the ticket options they need in this order, with seating preferences and pricing tiers available.


  • Event Discovery: Of course, Eventbrite empowers users to find many various events such as music concerts, workshops, and networking events.
  • Customizable Ticketing: Event organizers are enabling the design of ticketing options by allowing the possibility of seat preferences and different pricing tiers.


  • Community Engagement: Eventbrite develops and bolsters community engagement by making it possible for participants to not only follow the organizers of their liking but also stay informed about the events, which are relevant to their interests.
  • Integration with Social Media: Conveniently, the event creators have the opportunity to share their event’s details on social media platforms just simply by pressing the “Share” button, thereby attracting massive spectators.


  • Service Fees: Unlike e-commerce sites, Eventbrite imposes this payment service fee on the ticket . This could result in higher costs for the user.


In the end, although Tickzoo com has been admitted as your favorite platform for ticket booking before, choosing more tools even if they are competitive, you will discover other interesting possibilities. If it is discounted tickets, last-minute deals, or personalized service that you are looking for, a ticket platform that will satisfy what you need is out there ready for use. And so, grab this opportunity, and dig deeper to discover the best unique options, and be in the know at the next biggest event.

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Are tickets purchased through these alternatives guaranteed to be authentic?

Definitely, each one of those ticket buying platforms touts the originality and authentication of the tickets. Legitimacy e-Ticketing platforms assert their legitimacy by only working with verified sellers and by offering guarantees to ensure their buyers get real tickets to the show they want.

What happens if an event is canceled or rescheduled after purchasing tickets?

If the event is canceled or postponed, ticketing platforms enable refunds or ticket transfers, as a typical rule. A normal course of action on behalf of a user is to receive either an email or notification (if there is any change to their event) with directions on how to continue.

Are there any additional fees or hidden charges when purchasing tickets through these platforms?

While ticket prices are displayed upfront, users should be aware of service fees or processing charges that may apply during checkout. These fees vary depending on the platform and are usually disclosed before the final payment is made.

Exploring the Top 10 Alternatives to Tickzoo.com (2024)
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