What Desktop Operating System Is Most Likely To Get Infected With A Computer Virus?a. Linuxb. Mac OSc. (2024)

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Answer 1

Answer: Microsoft Windows

Explanation: This operating system has very little build in security which makes it highly vulnerable to viruses. This is one of the reasons why there are so many windows anti virus software out there.

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Para que son importantes las tic [en la educacion?


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are very important tools in education. In this sense, ICT scan have a positive impact on teaching and student learning, as they allow the creation of new educational opportunities and experiences.

Below are some reasons why ICT is important in education:

Access to information: ICT sallow access to a wealth of information quickly and easily. Students can use the Internet to find educational resources, research materials and academic references to complement their training. Personalized learning: ICT sallow the creation of personalized and adaptive learning environments. Students can learn at their own pace and level, using digital tools that allow them to obtain immediate and personalized feedback on their performance. New ways of teaching: ICT allows the creation of new, more dynamic and interactive ways of teaching. Teachers can use digital tools such as videos, educational games, simulations and interactive activities to enrich students' learning experience. Fostering creativity and innovation: ICT can foster creativity and innovation in students, allowing them to create digital projects, multimedia presentations and other educational materials that allow them to express their ideas more effectively and visually.

In conclusion, Acts are very important tools in education. They allow access to a wealth of information, the creation of personalized learning environments, the use of new ways of teaching and the promotion of creativity and innovation. It is important that teachers and students take full advantage of It to improve the quality of education and prepare for the digital world in which we live.

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A client asks for help planning and implementing an enterprise platform transformation brainly.


The Accenture tool named SynOps Uses of Accenture's Tools is the one that would be most helpful to the project lead in starting this process.

What is use of The Accenture tool?

SynOps is the most effective tool for the project manager to start the procedure for the client.

Now that organisations are becoming data-driven, AI-powered, and digital, work is smarter, scales faster, and is more productive, and new values are being stimulated across the company.

The finest tool right now is SynOps since it brings together human and machine innovations that help with quick tracking intelligent operations and support organisations in performing at their best on a regular basis.

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In the hierarchical network model, which layer is responsible for fast transport? a. Network layer b. Core layer c. Distribution layer d. Access layer


In the hierarchical network model, the layer that is responsible for fast transport is the Core layer.

what is hierarchical network model?

The Core layer, also known as the backbone or high-speed switching fabric, is designed to provide a high-speed transport of data between different network segments, without any delay or bottleneck.

It is responsible for fast and efficient transport of large amounts of data, without any concern for the individual endpoints, applications, or user data.

The core layer uses high-speed switches, routers, and fiber-optic links to provide fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity between different parts of the network.

On the other hand, the Distribution layer is responsible for routing and filtering traffic between different network segments, while the Access layer provides end-user access to the network, including connectivity to workstations, servers, and other network devices.

The Network layer is responsible for logical addressing and routing of data between different networks, and it works in conjunction with the other layers to provide end-to-end communication.

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for any object, no matter which method of tracking you use to create orthogonal views, your final step is to ensure that each vertex in every view has at least ____ edges connected to it.


Regardless of the tracking technique you use to generate orthogonal views for each object, the last step is to make sure that each vertex in each view has at least two edges attached to it.

Which lines on the viewing plane indicate the orientation of a section view?

The sectional view's line of sight is shown by the arrows at the end of the cutting plane line.

What is a three-dimensional representational technique?

Orthographic projection is a popular technique for depicting three-dimensional things; it typically consists of three two-dimensional drawings, each of which shows the object as seen from parallel lines perpendicular to the drawing's plane.

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which device on a network performs the task of network address translation?


The router executes NAT, enabling communication between host devices or computers on the LAN network and WAN or the internet.

What does networking's network address translation entail?

Network address translation is referred to as NAT. There is a method for translating a range of local private addresses to a public one prior to uploading the data. Most home routers use NAT, as do businesses that employ a significant number of devices to share a single IP address.

What sort of network address translation would you use?

The most straightforward instance is when NAT is turned on in both a DSL modem and a Wi-Fi router and they are both connected to a network. Through a Wi-Fi router, the host devices were linked to the public network.

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Which option is used to display multiple lines of text within a cell?


To display multiple lines of text within a cell, press Alt + Enter. In order to type your next line of text, move the cursor to that location by pressing Alt + Enter repeatedly. You should enter the cell's desired next line of text.

What is cell?

A cell is a space on a spreadsheet where information can be entered. The spreadsheet's cells each function as distinct entities. The intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines that separate the spreadsheet into columns and rows forms the boxes known as cells.

Data types such as numeric, alphanumeric, string, and formulas can all be supported in cells. The intersection of the cell number and the alphabetic letter gives each cell its unique identity.

Absolute cell referencing, which allows for individual cell invocation, is supported by cells. To do this, simply append the dollar sign ($) to the cell's column name and row number.

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what does a remote access server use for authorization?


Users can log in to the system remotely using credentials server that are saved on an outside authentication provider.

Which authorization protocol is used?

Access-protected resources can be obtained via authorization protocols like OAuth2 and UMA, which eliminate the need for the resource owner to divulge their login information. An essential component of these protocols is interactive user permission.

What enables server remote access?

Any hardware and software combination that enables the remote access tools or information that normally resides on a network of IT devices is known as a remote access service (RAS). A remote access server, also referred to as a host computer, connects a client to it.

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What is the ICD-10 code for paresthesia of both lower extremities?


R20.2 is the ICD-10 code for paresthesia affecting both lower limbs. This code explicitly refers to "paresthesia of skin" and is under the heading "Symptoms and symptoms involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue."

In medicine, diseases, ailments, and injuries are coded and categorised using the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10) system. The World Health Organization (WHO) designed it, and the first edition appeared in 1992. In order to plan and distribute resources, track and analyse health trends and outcomes, and promote communication and interoperability among health systems, healthcare practitioners, academics, and government organisations all heavily rely on the ICD-10. The system is divided into body system-based chapters, and each chapter has codes that describe particular illnesses or ailments. Alphanumeric characters make up the codes, which give specific information on a condition's diagnosis, severity, and course of therapy. The ICD-10 is a crucial instrument for raising the calibre and effectiveness of healthcare.

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which destination address is used in an arp request frame?


broadcast address

The ARP request makes use of a unicast tackle for the source and a broadcast address for the destination. The ARP request uses a unicast tackle for the supply and a unicast address for the destination.

What is the vacation spot tackle used in the ARP request?

The ARP Request's vacation spot was once the broadcast MAC tackle ( ffff. ffff. ffff ). The ARP Request existed for the cause of resolving Host B's MAC address, hence the goal is Host B.

Why is the destination MAC address FF FF FF FF FF FF used in this frame?

The destination mac address in the ethernet header is ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, which is used to broadcast the arp request inside the neighborhood area community (LAN).

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what is the main purpose of an operating system ?
a. Controls the hardwire of the system through software like hardware drivers and systems software
b. Provides a platform on which applications can run and deal with any issues that the software may have with eg storage of files.
c. Provides a user interface and so allows communication between user and the machine
d. Handles communications using rules (protocols) between different
e. Handles translations of code using compilers and utilities


The main purpose of an operating system is A. Controls the hardwire of the system through software like hardware drivers and systems software.

An operating system (OS) is a type of system software that controls how computer hardware and software resources are used and offers basic services to other software applications.

Operating systems that use time-sharing plan activities to make the most of the system's resources. They may also contain accounting software to allocate costs for processing time, mass storage, printing, and other resources.

Although application code is typically performed directly by hardware and frequently makes system calls to an OS function or is interrupted by it, the operating system acts as a bridge between programs and the computer hardware for hardware functions like input and output and memory allocation. From mobile phones and video game consoles to web servers and supercomputers, many devices that house a computer have operating systems.

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What is the definition of information literacy quizlet?


the capacity to determine when information is required and to be able to find, assess, and use that information efficiently.

Which definition of information literacy is most accurate?

Information literacy is the capacity to locate, assess, organise, use, and transmit information in all of its varied forms, especially when it comes to circ*mstances demanding judgement, problem-solving, or knowledge acquisition.

Provide an example of information literacy.

When someone follows a step-by-step method to get and verify information, that person is demonstrating examples of information literacy. Students who are writing scientific research papers, for instance, would look for material first with a specific goal in mind, making sure to obtain that knowledge efficiently.

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A 3. 0-m wire carries a current of 12 a directed along the positive x axis in a region where the magnetic field is uniform and given by b = (30i- 40j) mt. What is the resulting magnetic force on the wire?.


As a result, the magnetic force on the wire is 3.35 N. F = IL x B calculates the magnetic force on a wire that is conducting current across a magnetic field.

What magnetic force does a wire produce?

F = IL x B calculates the magnetic force acting through a magnetic field on a current-carrying wire. The magnetic field acts on a wire when a current is conducted through it in a direction that is perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field.

What kind of force is in a wire?

According to the right-hand rule, the magnetic force acting on a wire carrying current is perpendicular to both the wire and the magnetic field.

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What types of questions do Boolean functions answer? Is the total cost of the trip within budget? Does the Boston trip cost more then the New York trip? Is travel the largest component of the total cost of the trip? Was last year's income greater than this year's income? all of the responses listed are the types of questions Boolean functions can answer


A boolean function is a mathematical function that translates parameters to a value, where the range (the function arguments) and domain (the function itself) have only certain permissible values.

What Boolean operators does the if function in Excel support?

The AND, OR, NOT, and a new function called XOR are examples of boolean operators, which Excel refers to as logical functions. These operators can be used in databases, spreadsheets, search engines, and any other situation where you're looking for specific information to narrow, expand, or exclude your findings.

What is a Boolean function?

Working with variables whose values are either 0 or 1 requires the use of a set of rules and procedures known as boolean algebra. In terms of propositional logic, the value 0 is equivalent to the letter F. 1. T is corresponding to the number 1.

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judging from the data on pathways from primary energy sources to end uses in the united states, if we wanted to decrease petroleum consumption and concentrate on more-efficient technology, we would need to focus on which area?


judging from the data on pathways from primary energy sources to end uses,to decrease petroleum consumption and concentrate on more-efficient technology, need to focus on transportation.

Primary and secondary, renewable and nonrenewable, and fossil fuels are just a few of the numerous types and forms of energy that are used and produced in the United States.

The main sources of energy include nuclear power, fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), and renewable energy sources. Using main energy sources as a starting point, electricity is produced as a secondary energy source. Several physical units are used to measure different types of energy: electricity is measured in kilowatts and kilowatthours, liquid fuels in kilowatts and kilowatts, natural gas in cubic feet, and liquid fuels in barrels or gallons. British thermal units (Btu), a unit for measuring heat energy, are frequently used in the US to compare various forms of energy.

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software maintenance process which reduces the amount of fragmentation between files
b.Clock rate


Defragmentation is a software maintenance procedure used to minimize file fragmentation.

Defragmentation and fragmentation: what are they?

Your hard disk must work harder to cope with fragmentation, which could slow down your computer. USB flash drives and other portable storage devices are similarly prone to fragmentation. Your disks and drives will operate better after being defragmented by Windows' Disk Defragmenter.

Defragmentation is a process that reduces fragmentation in the upkeep of file systems. It achieves this by splitting the file storage contents of the mass storage device into as few continuous portions as possible (fragments, extents).

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What is an unregulated care provider?


Paid healthcare professionals who are not registered with or granted a licence by a regulatory agency are known as unregulated care providers.

What are the duties and obligations of nurses who collaborate with unlicensed healthcare professionals?

Teachers, supervisors, and assigners of health care to UCPs may be expected of nurses. The ability of the health care team to function as a whole and deliver safe patient care depends on everyone learning to work together and knowing each other's duties.

How do regulated and uncontrolled professionals differ from one another?

As a general rule, if your chosen profession is regulated, the appropriate provincial or territorial regulatory authority will decide whether to recognise your qualifications; if it is not regulated, recognition is typically up to the employer's choice.

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a _____ is a computer employed by many users to perform a specific task, such as running network or internet applications.


Server is a computer employed by many users to perform a specific task, such as running network or internet applications.

What is applications ?

Applications are computer programs designed to provide users with a specific set of functions and capabilities. They are created to perform specific tasks and can be used to increase productivity, improve communication, and enhance the user experience. Applications can range from simple word processors to complex computer games and can be found on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Applications are usually developed by software engineers who use programming languages like Java, Python, or C++ and development tools such as APIs to create the desired program.

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True or False: selecting the range before you enter data saves time because it confines the movement of the active cell to the selected range.


True. Selecting the range before you enter data saves time because it confines the movement of the active cell to the selected range.

What is active cell?

An active cell, also known as a cell pointer, current cell, or selected cell, is a rectangular box that highlights a cell in a spreadsheet. An active cell makes it clear which cell is being worked on and where data entry will take place.

A spreadsheet cell that has been clicked on becomes the active cell. When a cell is selected, you can type values or a function into it. Most spreadsheet programmes will show the value of the active cell both within the cell itself and within a lengthy text field in the spreadsheet toolbar. The text field is useful for viewing or editing functions as well as for editing lengthy text strings that don't fit in the active cell.

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what is the assignment grade calculator?


Based on the technological functions, and the context of the question, the assignment grade calculator is an online tool that assists teachers in quickly grading student homework and projects

What is the Assignment Grade Calculator

The Assignment Grade Calculator is generally known as an online software application that is designed to enable teachers rapidly grade student assignments and projects.

Essentially, the assignment grade calculator allows teachers to input the maximum points possible for each assignment, the student's score, and the grading scale they are using.

Ultimately, the calculator then computes the grade based on the entered information.

The assignment grade calculator can also calculate a weighted average grade. It accepts both numerical as well as letter grades.

Hence, in this case, it is concluded that the Assignment Grade Calculator is very useful for teachers and examiners.

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How do I add an element to the center section of the Header in Excel?


To add text or an element, double-click the header section, select the "Center" option from the "Header & Footer Elements" toolbar, add the item, format it as needed, and then save.

The procedures below can be used to add an element to the Header's centre area in Excel. Double-click the Excel worksheet's header section. The "Header & Footer Tools" tab will then be displayed. Depending on whether you want to add the element to the header or footer section, click the "Header" or "Footer" button. Under the toolbar's "Header & Footer Elements" section, select "Center." This will choose the header or footer's centre portion. To add a text or element to the middle part, type it or insert it. To format the text or element as needed, use the formatting choices found under the "Header & Footer Tools" tab. To leave the header and footer, select "Close Header and Footer."

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how many bytes does it take to represent a color in the rbg color model?




In the RGB color model, each color is represented by 3 8-bit values (1 byte per value), one for each of the red, green, and blue components. So, a single color in the RGB color model takes 3 bytes or 24 bits to represent. This representation allows for 256 levels of intensity for each of the red, green, and blue components, resulting in a total of over 16 million possible colors.

What does the Bored Button do?


Both a website and a distinct app called The Bored Button share the same concept: when bored, users may access random fun activities online by clicking a button on their home screen.

How many games can you play on Bored Button?

More than 100 games from various genres make up Bored Button's game library. The library includes everything from challenging puzzle games to hot new arcade games, friv games to traditional board games, and it's all yours to play with just a tap.

Why am I displeased?

When you're unable to concentrate, boredom may set in. This can be the result of your environment's numerous tensions consuming you.

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how does human readable document work


Human readable basically means that if the content is displayed by a program that lacks direct, specific awareness of that file's format, that there's at least a reasonable chance that a person can read and understand at least some of it

whar is logitech performance wireless keyboard and mouse combo?


The Logitech Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a set of computer input devices that use wireless technology to provide users with increased flexibility and freedom of movement.

The Logitech Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a high-performance computer input device set that offers users a variety of features designed to enhance their productivity and improve their overall computing experience. The keyboard and mouse use wireless technology to connect to a computer, allowing users to work without the constraints of cables and cords.

The keyboard features an ergonomic design and backlighting, making it comfortable to use in a variety of lighting conditions. The mouse offers advanced tracking and precision, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, including graphic design, video editing, and gaming.

Overall, the Logitech Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a versatile and reliable set of input devices that can enhance the productivity and comfort of computer users.

You can learn more about wireless keyboard at https://brainly.com/question/30124392


Why does my Mac say an error occurred preparing the software update?



Maybe you don't have enough free space to install the update


to print a worksheet, you begin by going to backstage view. true or false?


False. In Microsoft Excel, you normally don't begin by going to Backstage view in order to print a worksheet.

How can I print my worksheet on a larger piece of paper?

Things to know about scaling a worksheet To do this, select Landscape under Page Layout > Page Setup > Orientation. Think about printing on larger paper to allow more columns.

Which worksheet view depicts the printed version of your worksheet?

The Ruler, which displays the margin sizes and lets you drag them in or out to alter how much of the worksheet appears on the page, is one of the elements of Page Layout view.

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True or False? the greek mathematician eratosthenes came up with the idea of using a sieve algorithm to find prime numbers.


True that the greek mathematician eratosthenes came up with the idea of using a sieve algorithm to find prime numbers.

A sieve procedure was developed by the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes to locate all prime integers up to a certain limit. Today, many people still use the algorithm—now known as the Sieve of Eratosthenes—to find prime numbers. Prime numbers can be found using a sieve algorithm, which was developed by the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes. The Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm consists of making a list of all integers up to a specific limit, crossing off all multiples of each prime number, and then keeping only the primes. To effectively find prime numbers, this approach is still employed today.

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is the guide class terraria useful


Yes, the guide class terraria is very useful as it provides a comprehensive overview of the game and helpful technology to help you progress.

The guide class terraria is an excellent resource for players looking to improve their skills and progress in-game. It provides comprehensive information about all the game mechanics, items, enemies, and bosses. Additionally, it offers helpful tips and strategies on how to play the game, like how to build a good base, how to farm efficiently, and how to survive difficult boss fights. It also explains all the different classes and what their strengths and weaknesses are, so you can choose the one that best suits your style of play. The guide also includes a section on multiplayer, so you can get the most out of your game experience with friends. All in all, the guide class terraria is a great resource for players of all levels, from beginner to expert, and it will surely help you become a better player.

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the owners of a computer repair shop want to better formulate strategies, so they should conduct a swot analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses within their company and the opportunities and threats of the external environment.


True, the owners of a computer repair shop want to better formulate strategies, so they should conduct a swot analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses within their company and the opportunities and threats of the external environment.

What do the proprietors of a computer repair facility wish to better define?

The proprietors of a computer repair shop are doing a SWOT analysis to recognize their company's strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and dangers posed by the external environment in order to better shape their strategy.

The advantages of conducting a SWOT analysis include those listed above.

What does SWOT analysis mean for a computer shop?

A SWOT analysis is a straightforward but effective approach for determining your operation's strengths and weaknesses. the advantages and risks you face in your particular industry. a detailed understanding of the marketing and sales environment you are operating in as well as how well your organization is performing.

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How do GPS trackers send their location information back? Does a signal go back to the same satellites that provide the GPS signals, or is it via another channel?


GPS trackers relay location data back to a central server or to the owner's device via cellular networks or satellite connections. The data is subsequently processed by the server, which then shows it on a map or notifies the owner's device.

GPS trackers are gadgets that locate themselves and broadcast that information using the Global Positioning System (GPS). A GPS receiver, a cellular or satellite transmitter, and a battery are the typical components. The GPS receiver gathers signals from various GPS satellites in orbit around the Earth and uses those signals to determine the device's location. Following then, cellular or satellite networks are used to send the location data back to a server. Vehicle and asset tracking, personal safety, and wildlife tracking are just a few of the uses for GPS trackers. They are frequently used by consumers, companies, and government organisations to manage and track the whereabouts of assets or persons.

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What Desktop Operating System Is Most Likely To Get Infected With A Computer Virus?a. Linuxb. Mac OSc. (2024)
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