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Amanda Hackey Net Worth – $200,000

What is Amanda Hackey’s net worth? Who is Amanda Hackey’s boyfriend?


Amanda Hackey is an American social media personality best known for her comedic-style vlogs and dance videos on her YouTube channel, “Mandersandpoopoo.”

She is a self-proclaimed singer and performer and utilizes her YouTube fame to share her talent with a broad audience.

The Origin Story

On August 4, 1990, Amanda Hackey was born in Bowler, Wisconsin, US, but later relocated to Wittenberg, WI.

There is not much publicly listed information about her private life, and she doesn’t offer too many personal details on her channel.

As a teenager, Amanda worked as a cashier at Ho-Chunk Gaming, a casino in Wittenberg, WI.

The job paid the bills and offered her a sense of purpose, but she always had a knack for entertainment and comedy and regularly dreamt of a more suitable career.

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After some time, she decided she wanted to pursue a social media career and set her eyes on YouTube.

Fortunately for her, the platform was a viable option for creators to pursue a career without formal or professional training.

Amanda decided to go forward with her page, naming it “Mandersandpoopoo.”

Her account went live on November 25, 2008. Following the inception of her channel, she uploaded her first video on November 26 titled “Crank Dat Soulja Boy(:” The video is only 6 seconds long but managed to accumulate over 9,000 views. Seeing the instant results was enough for Amanda to recognize her potential as a successful YouTuber.

When Amanda became more confident with her videos and viewers, she started to upload cover songs of herself singing and dancing. This included hit songs by Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj, among others. In addition to her creative videos, she used her naturally humorist personality to create comedic-style content.

Many videos on her channel are centered around eating oreo cookies, which seem to garner her many views.

Despite her fun-filled videos, Amanda does appear to have a solemn side. She periodically uploads videos meant to bring awareness to suicide prevention and awareness.

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On May 31, 2015, Amanda released the video “Depression and suicide talk,” garnering nearly 60,000 views.

Judging by the comments, her viewers were sympathetic and empathetic with her message.

She explains in surface-level details that she has been battling depression and suicidal tendencies since she was a teenager.

The purpose of the video was to connect with her viewers who have similar struggles, and to spread awareness about how to better cope and deal with mental struggles.

Aside from her commentary and humorous videos, Amanda uploads self-produced music videos.

Many of them become her most viewed videos, accounting for some of her more successful uploads.

On December 25, 2013, she uploaded “John Boy & Big Tim by Amanda Hackey Starring Diggy Buttmuncher.” The video accumulated nearly 245,000 views as of 2022, with over 700 comments. It is all-around well-received and is still one of her top streaming uploads.

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On November 12, 2015, she uploaded “I Can’t Dance-Amanda Hackey ft. John Boy & Big Tim Kellams.”

The self-directed and self-written song is a parody of her lack of dancing skills. It also celebrates her recent accomplishment of earning USD 1 million due to being a content creator. As of 2022, the video received over 1.8 million views and has over 4,000 comments. It is also available on iTunes for purchase and download.

Amanda also creates content centered around coming up with better names for food that is assigned a weird name.

Unbeknownst to Amanda, her subscribers loved this content style.

“Better names for food” was uploaded on April 19, 2014. It includes Amanda offering up her idea of better names for common American foods. There are currently over 160,000 views with relatively good viewer engagement. It turns out her viewers prefer this type of content over her shorter and less focused content.

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On November 5, 2016, Amanda created her last video, “When bae asks if you can cook.” The video did exceptionally well considering it was only 6 seconds long. As of 2022, it has a total view count of over 122,000 and over 700 comments.

Although it was evident she was on a path to a lucrative YouTube career, she discontinued uploading videos following this video and was no longer active on YouTube. The account is inactive as of 2022.


After a hiatus from YouTube, she resurfaced with a new channel on July 8, 2019, titled “The Diggy B Show.”

She uploads short clip content and often includes her boyfriend. On November 9, 2021, she surprised her fans with a second account titled “Diggy B & Mr. Diggy B.”

The account is shared with her boyfriend, and they upload short videos of them trying out new snacks and dancing.

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”I’m fat but I’m moving better than most of y’all girlfriends.”

”I want to be the one you choose when everyone else wants you.”

”I have no interest in temporary people.”

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Amanda Hackey – Net Worth

So, how much is Amanda Hackey worth?

Most of her income is derived from ad revenue, paid partnerships, and music downloads.

Keeping this in mind, Amanda Hackey has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

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