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Your Financial Plan is an important document for you and your family. Every plan is especially created to fit the personal profile of the individual and to reflect personal needs, goals, career aspirations, obligations, attitudes, and future expectations. Each plan is carefully prepared and reviewed and represents the most accurate and up to date information at the time of presentation.

Although change is constant, by design, your plan illustrates trends in your financial picture over the long term. It is meant to be your financial roadmap, despite small changes from year-to-year. The written report is in loose-leaf form to accommodate change and provides a useful and organized source of essentially all aspects of the individual's and family's financial information.

There is no obligation to update a financial plan. However, as significant changes in economic conditions or personal circumstances occur, so should the Plan, to keep your financial affairs current. We are available to review the plan as necessary, or as often as you desire. If there is a major change in your circumstances, we should be informed, to determine if a shift in one or more recommendations is appropriate.

Your plan should evolve as you pass through life's different stages. Goals may change from educating children and saving for retirement, to gifting to family to reduce the size of the estate or incorporating favorite charities on a more significant scale. Updating the plan can keep you abreast of new strategies and is usually accomplished at a lower cost when we are able to maintain a good deal of the prior data. As with the initial plan, an engagement contract will be prepared with a stated fee for services so that the cost is known up front before proceeding. Some of our clients opt for an update annually, some every couple of years, and others are satisfied with one program. It usually depends on one's stage in life and the dynamics of one's finances.

Please contact us if you would like to update your plan. Let us help you keep your roadmap up to date. You will know not only where you are going, but when you have arrived.

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