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Under our Registered Investment Advisory Company, Capital Strategies provides written, comprehensive personal financial planning for a fixed fee.

To begin this process, we obtain complete and up-to-date information from you about your personal circumstances and your financial and investment objectives. We make this task easy for you by collecting your source documents such as tax returns, brokerage statements, wills and trusts, life insurance policies, etc. from which we can glean the necessary information, and by utilizing our well-organized data booklet together in a personal interview.

From the data provided, we will develop a written plan containing our analysis with observations and recommendations to meet your specified objectives. All information provided is kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except as you may request.

When you receive your written financial plan, it is your decision whether to implement the recommendations, either completely or in part. After you have evaluated your financial plan, there are two aspects of implementation:

  • Service Assistance - This may include delivery of documents to and/or meetings with your other advisors such as attorneys or accountants and attention to the completion of forms and agreements to pursue your objectives. There is no additional fee for this service.

  • Product Assistance - If a product is recommended, it is entirely at your option whether you would like to avail yourself of our product services. We have no proprietary products. For investment products, the broker/dealer through whom investments are offered is LPL Financial. For insurance products, we have no company affiliation and can shop the market for the particular type of insurance at competitive rates to suit your purpose. We are fully licensed to sell investment and insurance products. Any compensation from these services is fully disclosed.

We regard the responsibility for preparing your written financial plan as a very important and personal relationship. It is through this process that we have built our company..."A company built on trust".

Please contact us to discuss your needs today.

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