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Whether you are being recruited to a new position or severed from an existing one, you can benefit immensely by securing outside expertise to quantify the financial impact of your actions. Ideally, this should be done before you begin negotiations, but certainly prior to signing an employment contract or severance agreement.

We have had considerable experience in negotiating for and coaching high net worth, highly placed executives, senior officers, and CEOs in multi-million dollar contracts. On a consulting basis, generally at our hourly rate, we will compare and contrast your existing package with your potential offer. With our experience and knowledge of practices of various industries, we will prepare you to negotiate with confidence on critical issues such as pension restoration, minimum guarantees, incentive programs etc. Based on our knowledge of executive benefits and our ability to design customized spreadsheets, we will quantify and project benefits over time, to enhance your negotiating position.

We have experience in representing either the company or the executive when an employee is being presented with an employment offer or a severance package. Our services can be invaluable when a company seeks fresh management, new ideas, or is changing direction through merger or acquisition. We can also be of assistance when a company is looking to reward an executive for years of loyal service, in a tax efficient way, or to simply meet their contractual obligations to avoid potential litigation.

Our extensive experience with both "golden handcuffs" and "golden parachutes" and our familiarity with the intricacies of taxes and accounting of such packages has proven extremely beneficial to our clients.

In addition to substantial dollars at stake, a great deal of emotional and psychological benefits can be derived from the services we offer when a career is involved.

Please contact us for a private, confidential session to explore these opportunities in detail.

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