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Investment Services
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Today's economic environment is rich with opportunities. Sometimes it is difficult to know the most appropriate investment strategy for your long-term investment goals. Guidance from an experienced financial adviser is your key to accessing effective investment opportunities. We will assess your goals, evaluate your existing investments, and create a long-term investment plan that fits your ongoing financial needs and tolerance for risk.

Through LPL Financial (LPL), broker/dealer and Registered Investment Advisor, one approach we can take is to provide advisory services for a low annual fee, a percentage, based on the value of your account. This Strategic Asset Management account (SAM), allows us access to over 6,600 mutual funds, as well as individual stocks and bonds on a non-commission basis. We use an asset allocation model to build a diversified portfolio of mutual funds from varying asset classes designed to fit your individual investment needs. Using innovative research and technology, we will keep you informed as to how your investments are performing, and make adjustments as needed. You will receive clear, concise quarterly performance reports and letters. You can also view your account on-line.

Another approach to the multitude of investment options, especially to address the needs of the affluent investor is LPL's Manager Select. This is a fee-based managed account program that allows individual investors access to the same portfolio management once awarded only to the nation's largest endowments and institutions. Manager Select enables you to invest in a portfolio of individual securities - separately managed by a professional, institutional money manager. We select managers whose investment style and philosophy are most closely in line with your own objectives and risk tolerance. The ability to access these managers at significantly lower account minimums enables you to diversify your assets over multiple asset classes.

Additional investment services available are brokerage accounts, money markets with check writing, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, variable and fixed annuities, etc. Accounts can be set up for any purpose such as pensions, IRAs and IRA Rollovers, TSAs, 401(k)s, SEPs, as well as college savings, UGMA accounts, or for any other purpose.

While asset allocation does not guarantee success, a portfolio with proper asset allocation and ongoing, professional management, strives to participate in positive investment trends, reduce volatility and meet your investment goals.

We selected LPL when we started our company in 1987 because we wanted a company with no proprietary products. This, with their state of the art technology and research, allows us to remain independent and offer objective investment advice and solutions.

Please contact us for an analysis of your existing portfolio or to help you get started on an investment strategy today.

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