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A Financial Roadmap

A recent widow in her early 50's was referred to us for assistance in financial planning by another planning client with whom we had worked for years. He knew she was overwhelmed, had little previous experience with the family finances, business, properties, etc., and didn't know where her income would come from to meet her cash flow needs. Fortunately, she had little debt, her kids were grown and independent, she had a relatively modest lifestyle, and he had left her well provided for between insurance and accumulated assets. What she needed, with our help, was to identify her resources, quantify her cash flow needs, and build a portfolio to create systematic monthly income.

Solution: Through comprehensive data collection and planning, we identified all of the assets, arranged appraisals on properties, identified monthly income needs, consolidated numerous accounts to streamline record keeping, designed an investment portfolio to provide for growth as well as income, automatically depositing monthly to her checking account, and even designed a strategy to disclaim the family business to her sons who continue to run it, thereby reducing future estate taxes on an asset she didn't need.

Benefit: She has the satisfaction of knowing her husband thoughtfully provided for her in his lifetime, and she has now taken responsibility for prudently managing her affairs now that he is gone. With our financial roadmap, she feels a sense of competence and independence in knowing that she can maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

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