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Staying on Target

The Cash Flow Analysis segment of our comprehensive financial planning process is probably one of the most beneficial and enlightening aspects of our work. It paints a clear picture of our clients' life style and is an extremely helpful tool in measuring and projecting where one stands in relation to their objectives.

Problem: During a recent preliminary review of the cash flow analysis based on data provided by a client, the situation appeared manageable until the client admitted withholding information about credit card debt, which, as it turned out, amounted to over $40,000. Despite significant income, they had over 10 credit cards with interest rates as high as 22.8%, and they were embarrassed to talk about it.

Solution: With revised analytical indicating goals were jeopardized, the object was to reduce this debt to a manageable level as quickly as possible. By using a 401(k) loan at 8%, with systematic payroll deductions for repayment, the debt was paid off, the number of credit cards reduced to two, and more fiscal responsibility was exercised going forward.

Benefit: By finally seeing their goals quantified, and confronted by the objectivity of the numbers, the client and spouse got serious about meeting their objectives and gaining control over their cash flow. They began investing more and spending less. Periodic reviews help keep them on track.

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